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Spring has arrived but everyone still loves a FirePlace no matter what the season.

Cozy up with the warm glow and crackle of a roaring fire on your iPhone or iPod Touch with FirePlace. Need an instant romantic setting for that special date? Turn on FirePlace!

No matches, wood, or messy soot to clean up!

nowonipadFirePlace 3.4 available NOW!
Now a Universal App.
100% iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch Compatible.

iPhone/iPod Touch Users:
Includes alternate full length FirePlace video.

The FirePlace App is perfect for those wanting to relax by themselves, create instant ambiance on a date, tell creepy ghost stories with a group of friends, or whatever.

FirePlace is enhanced for both device orientations: Portrait view is great for running while docked, while Landscape view gives the best overall experience.

Along with the beautiful roaring fire the App comes with a perfect accompanying crackle. Also included are ten different choices for background music. Three tunes right in time for Halloween, six for the holiday season, and one funky music sound track.

Additionally, you can access your own iPod library on your device and queue up your own custom background tracks!

FirePlace is very customizable with the music queues, an auto-extinguish timer, and sound controls that can be accessed from a hide-able toolbar.

Start up the FirePlace and enjoy.

Please Note:

Sound- The fireplace crackle may be difficult to hear over very loud music that you play from your iPod. Please make sure that your volume switch is set to On or the sounds will not play. If you are on a first gen iPod Touch, the sound can only be heard with headphones or external speakers.

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